Alexander Gibson


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Tom and Alex


Alexander Gibson was born in 1991 in Western Massachusetts. He graduated from the Cooper Union in 2013, where he received the Tam Prize. Gibson is a candidate for an MFA in painting at the Yale School of Art. He is currently living and working in New Haven, CT. 


In these works, I use photos from my archive that have become alien to me. What seemed
important at the time is now convention; photos of youths and lovers are banal. By making
photos into paintings I remove them even further—meaning that might come from specificity is stripped away. These photos I took years ago, now I return to as stock material, the resultant objects hovering in both the personal and the vacuous. This is mirrored in the execution, where intention or conviction is equally as valid as inconsistency and dilettantism. By using this kind of indifference machine on my own life, I create objects with confused morals, or messy investment. This kind of evasive agility is the quality in this work that interests me most.

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