Capital Cutout in Transit Sites

Capital Cutout in Transit Sites

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Jesús Hdez-Güero

Photography on Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta 300 gr /m2 and bills (money) 
Edition of 3
(5 photos and 5 bills)

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The iconography of monuments and arquitectures in paper money constitutes the expression of the symbolic layout of a nation. The imaginary map of a territory to travel through, which calls forth a trajectory around these places, “for those who move around these as well as for those who live far away.”    
By means of the project Capital Cutouts in Transit Places I propose an itinerary of a tour that is possible only through the bills, by using them as a traveler’s guidebook. It consists in compiling the different  denominations of the bills of a country and cutting out the images of monuments and other architecture shown in their design; finding the location of these places in the city and taking photographs that match the cut out iconographies of monuments to the real corresponding photographs, as exactly as possible. 
Capital Cutouts is a site specific photography project, which acquires not only a status of documentation and record of the proposed journey, but  of  the “unique place” where it is possible to match the real scenario to its “fictional background”, that is to say, to replace the images in the bills by their in situ original.   
Capital Cutouts will be made out of several photographic series, which will be shown next to the corresponding cut off bills, and will be defined by the countries where they will be made. They will altogether create a symbolic territory that questions the validity of the cultural, commemorative and aesthetic values of the architectural and monumental identity of nations, since it has been dislocated by the monetary system and equated to the nature of money throughout history.