Adriana Arronte

from the series Transformación de la Materia
Bas-relief, metal, wood, glass. 
17.32 x 17.32 in

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This series sees matter from a holistic perspective. It relates symbols by constructing cycles and power chains, from food supply to evolution. I am interested in showing transformation as a change process where power is reverted and to question institutionalized hierarchies.   

Plasma, the 4th state of matter, is formed under extremely high temperatures and pressures, in such a way that electron impacts are very violent. It is made up with positive-and-negative charge particles moving at great speed, and can conduct electricity. This piece puts together historical, political and cultural symbols from the United States, elements that relate and oppose each other’s nature, such as coffins and guitars. For me, it is the dual energy that keeps this country and its world image in motion.