Sandra Pérez

Installation / stainless steel and plywood
47.6 x 76.8 in

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The most memorable thing in art is what arises from the pure Being, when the miracle is produced and the work walks in deep observation and relation with the whole. The connection is the relationship of the whole to even the minute cell, and the infinite dimension of the universe resides in a little cell. Zen Buddhism utters that the best way to see reality is the absence of judgment. Jesus said "Do not judge and you shall not be judged”. Which of these arguments should I embrace? 

Somehow, what we recognize in the US is because it exists in our biological unconscious, since it exists: what we understand as a concept is what we commonly deal with. Everything we can criticize or praise about this country is the result of the blunders and successes of humanity in the illusory or real path of civilization. Its weight and progress in the world context has been supported by fear. 

Continuous immigrations over the last centuries–of the economically underprivileged, the seekers of fortune or opportunities, the expatriates, the religiously persecuted, the political refugees, etc., have found and at the same time created a nation that protects itself from others, that includes and excludes, in control of the illusory contemporary world. 

The question is what is my responsibility? What is everybody’s responsibility in this respect? What can we change so that this mirror image stops being familiar? How can we look at this mirror, our mirror, so that it is part of a more fully realized and deeper truth? 

The transformation starts in one’s self, as evolving essential and spiritual beings we are. The responsibility should be to work for it. Everyone knows with a degree of certainty what should be responsibly done for monsters to stop being monsters in the midst of the imaginary every day.