Secondary Effects

Secondary Effects

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Ernesto García Sánchez

Installation, Acrylic / Canvas
Variable Sizes:
1. 27.1 x 22.0 in.
2. 12.8 x 12.7 in.
3. 16 x 34.2 in.
4. 28.5 x 18.5 in.
5. 17.8 x 18.1 in.
6. 17.8 x 18.1 in.
7. 49.8 x 34.0 in.

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Secondary Effects consists in a series of painting exercises studying several referents of art history. I am interested in focusing on the American art of the 50’s and 60’s. In these pieces the gestural action works as an effect occurring simultaneously in a process attempting to imitate and to study a group of selected images. To carry out this type of painting I use a pantograph, which, due to the nature of the tool, allows me to establish some sort of duality and contrast between the image to be reproduced and the final effect.  
In my opinion, this work reflects the most organic way in which my relationship to the central idea of the exhibit is expressed, what we understand by “Yuma” in our reality, since my work has been mainly influenced by American art. In this case, I have wanted to approach the theme from the point of view of art itself, not as a device or tool to say something else, but as a way to question itself.   
The work will be made up by the paintings, arranged in the space as a body. Besides, a small number of short length videos will be shown, where the work process is shown to an extent.