Feb 28- May 7

A R E A at The Yard (120 St. James Ave, Boston)

This is A R E A’s second group show at The Yard. The exhibition, that includes 14 local and international artists, is part of Construction A R E A, a strategy to promote the work of emerging artists through a series of off-site projects.

The exhibition presents the artist as an observer of reality. Content that is recognizable to our senses becomes an indispensable element in the works presented here. From abstract realism to hyperrealism and through photography, painting, printmaking, augmented and virtual reality, the artists examine the relationship between art and reality.

Although the works included in the show derive from real object or event sources with strong visual references to the real world, the artists do not aim for formal accuracy and truthfulness. In various degrees, and using a wide range of artistic methods, they challenge, manipulate or embrace what we know as real and often consider partial abstraction to explain it.

Participating artists:

Chomz. |  Andrew Houle | Mea Duke | Joseph Farbrook | Raquel Fornasaro | Alejandro Gonzalez | Cody Justus | Molly Kaderka | Soojin Kim | Lindsey Kocur | Donis Llago | Michael MacMahon | Malcolm Preston | Cal Rice | Wendy Shapiro