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The wait is over: Launching Creative Dinners at A R E A!

As you probably know, we have been working to launch a series of dinners to unleash the creative power of chefs and artists. For our first dinner we paired two chefs with a ceramic artist to reinvent what we eat and where we eat from. Recipes were created in response to plates and containers and vice versa. Wine and beverages were picked by an expert to match the experience. 

For this series, the chefs are using 53 ingredients and the artist, 45 pounds of porcelain and together, we are creating a concept never seen in Boston before. 

The entire ceramic collection is part of a limited edition that is available for sale. And... you can lease our concept too. Our seasonal dinner can travel to your home or place of work if you want to host this memorable experience to delight your family,  friends or colleagues. Two free seats are offered to the generous hosts who are willing to accommodate up to 12 guests. 

Our first dinners will take place during the month of September. 12 seats will be offered for each night at $100 per person. Please inform us of any allergies or dietary restrictions prior to the evening of the dinner.

Be part of this! We are excited to share our work with you!

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