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A R E A presents Eye Contact

August 2 - September 1

The works included in Eye Contact focus on the enduring power of the artistic representation of a person. Through the depiction of the human figure in different mediums, the artists investigate issues of intimacy, homosociality and the contemporary domestic; issues of gender and sexuality; the role of image consumption in developing a sense of self; different constructions of personhood; the shape of interpersonal relationships; and the role of digital technologies in shaping people’s identities. The exhibition, in general, shows who is seen, who is forgotten or brings to light what historically has been hidden.

Participating artists (in no particular order):

Sam Guy | Katelyn Ledford | Michael Aghahowa | Shterna Goldbloom | Mariana Gutheim | Mari Claudia Garcia | Khadine Caines | Bek Andersen