Oct. 2 2018 - Jan. 2 2019

A R E A at The Yard

Featured artists

Steven Cabral | Eleanor Mary Cepko | Leena Cho | Mia Cross | William DiBello | Adam Dunn | Charlotte Fairless | Anthony Falcetta | John Guthrie | Lynette Haggard | M. Benjamin Herndon | Damien Hoar De Galvan | Vanessa Irzyk | Kevin Lucey | Michael MacMahon | Nathan Miner | Matthew Murphy | Linda Pagani | Sofia Plater | Cal Rice | Daniel Smith | Jeremy Starn | Michael Zachary

A R E A presents a selection of works of geometric abstraction created in Boston today,  a field that remains one of the most striking developments in the history of art.

The works included in Forms of Expression (painting, sculpture and photography) reveal either a dependance on logic and calculation or manifest an unedited expression of feeling. Each of them are geometric investigations characterized by precise, meticulous and rigorous explorations of form, shape and color.

These artists find freedom in the confinement of a form or a shape through a wide range of colors (from primary to seductive neon colors) for expressive effects, giving in some cases a sense of order, and in others, a desire to disrupt unity. Focusing on material and process too, they address issues of complex spatial relationships.

This is not just fascination with form. A preoccupation for content links the artists represented here: political conditions, environmental changes, language structures, the human existence or the architecture of raw nature are among the references evoked in the exhibition.

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