John Guthrie


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Jack Flash
Sorry Angel


Former aerospace engineer John Guthrie has degrees from the University of Cincinnati and the Massachusetts College of Art. He has exhibited throughout the U.S. and internationally. His work has been collected widely and was recently acquired by the Addison Gallery of American Art.  John lives and works in Boston.


John Guthrie’s geometric paintings test our optical expectations and bend notions of color and dimension.  These two works on canvas depict vertical series of connected parallelograms which appear to float in the soft glow of virtual space. In moments of touching—where edges and corners of shapes meet one another and the boundaries of the canvas—the forms fluctuate between two and three dimensions. Suspicion arises as they begin to play tricks, continuously slipping into different perspectives. Negative spaces push into positive space and vice versa. The illusion lies in Guthrie’s formal repetition and selective symmetry—the blur of balance and imbalance. It also comes from subtle color variations. In Guthrie’s precise shades of blue, green, red, and gray, a single light source never emerges; one can never be sure of the shadows. In the midst of these intractable works, we enter a new reality. Knowing our perception is off-kilter, Guthrie offers the possibility of impossible geometries.

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