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Kevin Lucey is an artist and curator who lives and works in Beverly, Massachusetts. He received his BFA with a concentration in Painting from Montserrat College of Art in 2015.  Currently, he is the Assistant Director of Exhibitions and Programs at Montserrat College of Art. Lucey has curated exhibitions at The Distillery Gallery (Boston, MA), Boston Center for the Arts (Boston, MA), 222 Cabot (Beverly, MA), and Montserrat College of Art (Beverly, MA). He has exhibited his work in numerous galleries throughout the U.S., such as: The University of Southern Mississippi (Hattiesburg, MS), Mingo Gallery (Beverly, MA), and Jane Deering Gallery, (Gloucester, MA).


My paintings camouflage text and various collected materials under hundreds, sometimes thousands, of layered dots and dashes. Repetitive mark making is a laborious, although integral, part of my process. It allows me to reconstruct the surface of my paintings into a vessel that contains literal fragments of memories and encounters I seek to conserve. Layer by layer, I veil the collaged mementos that reference personal experiences with concentric dots of oscillating color marks. Collectively, the tiny dots partially conceal the underlying materials, rendering them illegible to the viewer’s naked eye. Throughout this process I allow aspects of the original material to remain visible. These formal elements hint at what may lay beneath, prompting a fluid dialogue between old and new marks.

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