Matthew Murphy


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Matt Murphy is a painter living and working in Boston. He has shown at Mass Art, Laconia Gallery, Sugar Gallery at University of Arkansas, New Bedford Museum of Art and Atlantic Wharf Gallery. He studied Painting at Mass College of Art and University of Washington in Seattle. He recently completed a residency at Siena Art Institute in Italy.


The work seeks to draw out kinesthetic relationships between shapes and the space they inhabit. The paintings attempt to evoke the sensation of liminal states, waking states, and fantasies. The shapes in these paintings are under the influence of each other. They change the nature of the space between them. If one shape changes, the whole gesture changes. These relationships can be described as mathematical or musical. The sum of the parts, I hope, is poetic and transportative. Color in these paintings is not referential. It straddles the real and imaginary with assumption that the color is material and exists in this world but seeks to expose other- worldliness. The shapes do carry with them an origin in the observable world. Wings, sails, bricks, angels, fighters, satellites, clutter—all refusing at times to be one or the other. They insist on “and” rather than “or.” In this way the work is not non-objective, though it borrows heavily from this visual language.

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