Michael MacMahon


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MacMahon (b. Ireland, 1981) is a painter who received his Masters Degree at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. MacMahon has a broad painting practice that pulls from a variety of themes where structures, societal rules and intersecting histories are combined. He is a member of the painting faculty at Tufts University. He has shown his work nationally and internationally.


“I Wanna Drive You Through the Night" results from driving through the night across the Utah desert, lights out with the experience reflected on the windshield, body as machine, manoeuvring across the surface with methodical, rhythmical motion, mind disconnected from the activity, a robotic almost liminal state and yet grounded, all too aware of the now, the space is confined, a tension in the body as the only contact with the surface is through the tool, an extension of the hand, the painting and vehicle containers.

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