Praise For A R E A 

The Boston Globe picks A R E A as one of the best new shops and services in Boston during 2017! Please read the article HERE

Take Magazine, 2017

Read what Take Magazine's had to say about Gabrial Sosa's inagural exhibition, "Please interrupt if you don't understand..." at A R E A Cambridge...

The Improper Bostonian, 2017

A R E A is a selection for the Improper Bostonian's "must-see" fall art exhibits!

The Bay State Banner, 2016

"A R E A, Boston’s newest gallery, radiates an intimate, homey warmth....making arts accessible to all audiences..."


For "Cubaneo," curated by A R E A director David Guerra

Big Red and Shiny, 2017

Throughout "Cubaneo," multiple perspectives and moments in time coexist in
ways that suggest the term cannot be defined by a single outlook. Guglielmo
presents mesmerizing complexity...

Bay State Banner, 2017

“Cubaneo” takes viewers off the beaten Havana tourist path of vintage cars and
mojitos and guides them into the homes and lives of real Cubans. And it does so
in a dynamic
artistic style.

Yale Radio, 2017

Listen to Yale Radio's interview with "Cubaneo" artist, Mark Gugliemo...


For "Real/Ideal," currated by A R E A director David Guerra

The Boston Globe, 2017

"'REAL/IDEAL (Turning Utopia Into Reality)' at the Boston Center for the Arts Mills Gallery is a reassuring show for tense times."

Bay State Banner, 2017

Read what the Bay State Banner had to say about REAL/IDEAL...