Residential Partnerships

We understand you have developed a new way of living, conceived to replace the traditional notions of home, one that is inspired by a healthy and creative lifestyle. Our gallery is committed to working with you on enhancing that concept and providing your residents memorable art and experiences.

Here are some of the exciting A R E A’s services and projects your residents can benefit from:

Free One-Hour Art Consultation

We offer private sales opportunities and independent advice to private collectors (young or seasoned) looking to build or develop an art collection, acquire, or sell artworks by emerging and established artists. This consultation can take place at the gallery or in your building.

David at work.jpg

Framing Solutions

For busy residents, bringing a piece to a framer may be more difficult than leading a board meeting! We have created a partnership with a Around The Corner, a framing and design boutique, based in the South End, to frame and install artwork that needs to be displayed just perfectly. Thanks to our partnership, ATC will offer a price below the retail prices you can get anywhere else.



With our leasing program, you can surprise the residents with new pieces the building can lease and install temporarily for a term of 6 months or a year. Together, we can plan a reveal party and invite the artist to meet the residents. If you have identified the right spot, we will show you a rendering with all the options you can lease. To be with art, you don’t have to acquire new pieces: leasing is an affordable solution.


Exclusive Popup Art Exhibitions

Our gallery activates spaces all over the city! We love bringing art where art should live. For our pop-up show, we will curate an exciting selection of artwork to display temporarily in the lobby, the entertainment spaces, or in a model unit to help entice potential residents. An opening party with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres to check out the work and meet the artists will make everyone happy!

collage opening 2.jpg


We have created a multi-format and interdisciplinary gallery where art lovers can collect art and experiences. We want to share what we do with your residents. Our experiences range from a series of creative dinners (pairing a local chef with one of our artists) to trips to art destinations all over the world. We also collaborate with dancers and musicians that we can invite for exciting performances in your facilities. These experiences are a great opportunity to foster connections among your residents and with the creative community of Boston.

Our Latin/Spanish night has been a very popular experience in our program: art selection from the region; tapas from a local chef; dancers teaching salsa…it can’t get better than that!

evocations opening.jpg

If any or all of this sounds like fun, let's partner and join efforts to always #bewithart. 
We look forward to working with you!