Opening Reception, March 16, 7-10PM

Featured artists: Daqi Fang | Jeremy J. Starn | Phillip David Stearns | Daniel Alexander Smith | Joseph Smith | Mark J. Stock

Simulacrum, curated by Jeremy J. Starn, explores a reality exclusively built upon representations  of programmed life that is no longer distinguishable from the innate. The included artists use maps, sounds, renderings, projections, algorithms, and images to grapple with how digital representation precedes any relationship with physical reality.

This is a new existence in which time and space have been redefined by evolving technologies. Being present now may seem insufficient for an understanding of the world when we can alter, circumvent, or recreate it to fit our needs.

Is Simulacrum a reflection of our reality? Does it mask or pervert it or simply create a new one? These artists address the concept of the simulation in lieu of its interaction with our notion of the real and the original. What is forged or represented are not likenesses of static entities, but instead the processes of feeling and experiencing themselves.