Sofia Plater


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Sofia Plater is a mixed-media artist from Boston, Massachusetts. She received her MFA from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University in 2018. Sofia received the Montague Travel grant, allowing her to travel and research in Scotland in early 2018. The same month, she curated her first solo show featuring nineteen sculptural works at Factory Mark Gallery in Framingham, MA. In the past year, Sofia has participated in numerous group exhibitions, and was featured in a twenty-two-page article for Peripheral ARTeries Art Review Magazine. Currently, Sofia is co-curating a large group show throughout an entire mansion set for demolition in 2019, called The Webster Court Project in Newton, MA. Her next project is a solo-show at Real Art Ways in Hartford, CT in October.


Sofia Plater’s primary inspiration comes from witnessing the architecture of raw nature, the freeforming textures and structures that exist and grow in the environment. She strives to imitate nature by referencing the organic systems and processes through which things actually grow. Plater works with construction materials to create unexpected explorations of aesthetic possibilities, that evoke the conflict between natural and man-made architectures. By employing an element of the hidden, Sofia’s work aims to entice viewers to closely investigate in order to decipher the different material components within.

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